A Montesquieu Dictionary

Under the direction of Catherine Volpilhac-Auger
with the collaboration of Catherine Larrère

English translations by Philip Stewart.

More than two hundred articles to cover all aspects of Montesquieu’s thought, life and works, in the light of the most recent research.

An international team of nearly fifty authors, historians, philosophers, literary scholars, jurists, and political scientists, have worked under the direction of Catherine Volpilhac-Auger, with the collaboration of Catherine Larrère, with whom the project was defined and who contributed to the first French edition (2008).

A Montesquieu Dictionary in French [‣]

A Montesquieu Dictionary is published in the framework of research conducted on and around Montesquieu within the Institute for the History of Classical Thought (Institut d’histoire de la pensée classique, UMR 5037). Other publications and projects are available on the Montesquieu site: [‣]